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School Enrichment

Colorado 4-H School Enrichment Programs are groups of youth or children receiving a sequence of learning experiences in cooperation with school officials during school hours to support the school curriculum.  4-H School Enrichment involves direct teaching by 4-H staff, trained volunteers or teachers to support the school curriculum.

School enrichment has become the most widely used delivery mode in providing educational experiences through the 4-H Youth Development program. In 2012, more than 3.2 million youth participated in school enrichment programs nationwide. 4-H Youth Development designs, develops, pilot tests, and produces research-based, age-appropriate, experiential curriculum for youth ages 8 – 18. These materials are available for delivery during the school day. 4-H Youth Development School Enrichment materials are closely aligned with the Colorado Department of Education Academic Standards and/or nationally recommended standards.


The purpose of a 4-H School Enrichment program is to:

  • Encourage long-term involvement in 4-H for enhanced positive youth development.
  • Enhance the relationship between 4-H and the school system (public or private).
  • Provide non-formal education to complement formal education, leading to better educated youth.
  • Enhance the subject matter area being studied.
  • Foster and promote enthusiasm and support for participation in 4-H program, events, and activities.


  • Delivered by 4-H staff, trained volunteers or teachers.
  • Conducted during school hours in partnership with the classroom instructor.
  • Engages youth in hands-on learning opportunities that support the school curriculum.

In Your Community

For more information about 4-H School Enrichment Programs in your Colorado community, contact your local Colorado State University Extension Office.