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This lab is sponsored by Colorado After-School Partnership (CAP)

This mobile lab’s deployment has been delayed due to Covid-19

The CSUE 4-H Mobile Environmental Sciences Lab registrations are limited to Colorado’s 4-H Agents.  Please contact your local 4-H Agent for details on how to bring 4-H to your event.  Click on the “Event Calendar” link below for availability.

The Colorado State University Extension (CSUE) 4-H Mobile Environmental Sciences Lab is a transportable educational resource equipped with projects, activities and materials intended to promote Colorado after-school programming through experiential learning opportunities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This lab has an emphasis on environmental sciences and natural resources management awareness.

The equipment within the CSUE 4-H Mobile Environmental Sciences Lab can be utilized for indoor learning opportunities. However, the lab is also equipped with everything needed to set up an outdoor self-contained pop-up 4-H STEM learning space. This feature makes all the CSUE 4-H STEM labs an excellent addition for school fairs, day camps and educational festivals.

The CSUE Mobile 4-H Environmental Sciences Lab is equipped with both solar and gas generated energy capabilities which allows for alternative power generation while in use.  This Lab can also be plugged into a 120 Volt outlet of a nearby power source.



Lark Trailer Owner’s Manual (PDF Download)

Currently, the following projects are available to county 4-H Agents by registering the CSU Extension 4-H Mobile STEM Lab for your event. Click the following link for a PDF of our 4-H Mobile STEM Lab Flyer (coming soon)

Outdoor STEM/Maker Space:  Outdoor Pop-up Environmental Science Lab.

Foldscopes:  Time of delivery: two 1 hour sessions. No. Participants: Varied. Limited as a consumable with 120 reusable kits. 2 youth per kit.

Weather Curriculum:   Time of delivery: 1 hour/ activity. No. Participants: 15 – 30. (How to Videos coming soon)

Water quality:  Time of delivery: Varied depending on delivery mode. No. Participants: 12 – 24

Air quality:  Time of delivery: 6 1/2 hr. stations, No. Participants: approx. 24

Animal Tracking:  Time of delivery: several 1 hour sessions, No. Participants: 14 – 21

Angler Outreach :  Time of delivery: Six 1 hours sessions, or 15 – 30 minute stations for groups settings/walk by events. No. Participants: 30 but can vary depending on delivery mode. (How to Videos Coming soon)

Macroinvertebrates:  Time of delivery: 1 – 4 hours depending on delivery mode. No. Participants: up to 30.

Insect collection kit:  Time of delivery: 1-20 hours depending on delivery mode. No. Participants 12 – 24

Enviro-scape: Time of delivery 1-2 hours depending on delivery mode. No. Participants: interactive classroom demonstration.

Augmented Reality (AR) Sand Table: Time of delivery: varied. No. Participants: Interactive classroom demonstration.

Please contact your local CSU Extension 4-H office for more details.