Colorado 4-H International Programs

4-H Colorado International Programs

The Global Connection
We live in a world community. This realization makes it imperative for each of us to think beyond our national boundaries. One way to learn about the people from other cultures is to live, work and play side-by-side as family members. These types of cross-cultural experiences add to global education and promote peace.

Colorado 4-H International Programs encourage young people and families from different cultures to establish close relationships through exchange experiences.

Why participate in 4-H International Programs?
As a host family, you gain a chance to share your culture with someone from a different country, and see your community through the eyes of a foreign friend.

As an exchangee, you gain an opportunity to live in a different culture as a family member instead of as a tourist.

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Overall View of Colorado 4-H International Programs

Summer 2018 - Would you like to visit another country?

Applications are due by December 1, 2017. To participate in one of our International Exchange Programs, please contact Courtney Loflin.

Summer 2018 - Would you like to host a youth from another country?


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